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Wireless LED Rechargeable Name Badge


Meet the Coolbird Blue LED Name Badge – a versatile and sophisticated device that serves as a rechargeable, wireless Bluetooth LED name badge, digital sign, and price tag. Its sleek design showcases your name in style while also offering ample space for additional messaging or branding on its 44×11 pixel display. This fashionable gadget is perfect for workplaces such as restaurants, shops, exhibitions, nightclubs, and hotels, making it an excellent accessory for professional settings.


Brand: Coolbird

Color: Blue

Features & Details: View here


How to Setup Bluetooth LED Name Badge?

1. Turn on it by single press the power switch.
2. Hold the power switch for 3s till the Bluetooth logo display.
3. Install “Mini LED Display” app in App Store for iOS device or “Bluetooth LED Name Badge” in Google Play for android device.
4. Turn on bluetooth on your smartphone (No need to pair) .
5. Run app and click the “settings” button and then click 11.
6. Edit customized messages you want.
7. Return to the list and select one or more lists.
8. Click the “send” button to synchronize your message.

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