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This Is Marketing By Seth Godin

New York Times Best-Selling author Seth Godin offers a game-changing approach to marketing, sales, and advertising by showing you how to do meaningful marketing that helps others become who they want to be


Marketing Rebellion By Mark W. Schaefer

This entertaining and thought-provoking read will show you the innovative and actionable steps to take to stay ahead of change, trends, and digital marketing. Never feel overwhelmed, confused, lost, or irrelevant again.


Marketing Made Simple By Donald Miller

New York Times best-selling author Donald Miller does it again! This 5 part checklist is a strategic, and actionable guide written to help you effectively develop, strengthen and communicate your brand story.


Do It! Marketing By David Newman

Cultivate enthusiastic brand advocates and position yourself as an expert in your field. Become the obvious choice for your customers by learning how to outsmart, out-position, and out-execute your competition with these 77 instant-action ideas.


Marketing To Mindstates By Will Leach

The unconscious mind filters out more than 99% of the marketing we see. That’s why Will Leach breaks down his innovative Mindstate Behavioral Model and shows you how to bypass the unconscious mind to drive new behaviors and increase top line growth.


Social Media Marketing For Dummies (All-In-One)

Although it continues to evolve at breakneck speeds, marketing your business on social media is more important than ever. This bestseller will give you the expert guidance you need to promote your business, reach more customers, and thrive in a global recession.


Facebook Marketing For Dummies

Considered the holy-grail of Facebook marketing you’ll discover the psychology of Facebook users, increase your brand awareness, develop a loyal community, and drive sales. This fully updated edition covers the newest tools and features most important to you.


Digital Marketing For Dummies (All-In-One)

Compressed into 8 very interesting topics you’ll learn everything from SEO and SEM to influencer marketing. With this book you’ll have all the helpful info and insights you need to level up your digital marketing game and turn online prospects into loyal customers.

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