Jeff Bezos DIY Illustration by John Selvey

You came to the right place! Because the theory is practice and luck is on your side!

DIY internet marketing has never been more within your reach.

Out with the old, expensive, untraceable (Risky), out of your control, traditional way of advertising and in with the new, fun, affordable, trackable (certain), controllable, untraditional DIY way of advertising. 

It's Time To Get ADthusiastic!

And take your marketing power back!

Advertising is something we all must do to gain short term and long-term success.

No Exceptions!

It simply shouldn’t be left solely to “agencies” and their risky campaigns any longer.

You have a deep desire to share with the world your unique and authentic solution so go for it!

Don’t let high fees and tradition hold you back!

Unconventional is the future.

So future proof yourself now by getting ADthusiastic about DIY internet marketing!

And Visiting your

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John Selvey

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