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Wednesday, 1:06 am

December 30, 2020 (Updated 2023)

 Dear fellow Digipreneur & ADthusiast,

Don’t get left behind.

A lot of businesses have been using customer relationship management for a long time now.

After all, it has significant value in the management of customers and their associated data

But the world is changing and so is the way business is done; Today’s customers actually go through more than 50% of the buying cycle before they even decide to talk to anyone from the company.

That’s why now more than ever before when a customer reaches out, you must be there through all the steps. 

And the right CRM software will help you do that. 

Using the right CRM software allows you to

  • Create a holistic marketing plan that fits your budget.
  • Draft, execute and streamline your campaigns from beginning to end.
  • Seamlessly build your sales funnel across numerous channels. 
  • Track, analyze, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. 
  • Demonstrate in real-time the impact of your marketing investment. 

Not to mention, you’ll be able to collaborate with your marketing team, manage processes, and reach your customers in real-time, all from one platform. 

How great is that?! 

Marketing has never been easier; Especially for Digipreneurs!


The Possibilities Are Endless With Customer Relationship Management!

You can now

  • Easily design the journey of your customer or prospect, and have them receive highly targeted content such as a newsletter or a special offer. 
  • Easily create different channels to target different markets. 
  • Make your emails interactive and record valuable information based on the actions of the recipient to help you fine-tune your target markets even further. 
  • Boost the interest of your prospects through multistage marketing campaigns that deliver personalized content. 
  • Combine your marketing and sales funnels keeping your sales team in the loop. 
  • Easily provide your sales team with access to your marketing calendar, so they know exactly what campaigns are running and what to expect coming down the pipeline.


In the new digital age, customers are always looking to buy but they never want to be sold.

Talking to a company is the last thing on their list; that’s why you must be there every step of the way when they decide to reach out to you. 

Thus, marketing is essential to the success of your business, and customer relationship management should play an important role in your marketing strategies.

Having a clear view of who and where your customers are can give you the leverage you need to quickly change or fine-tune any campaign based on its performance. 

With that said, remember…Marketing has never been easier! Don’t get left behind.

Well, until next time my friend, stay healthy and stay wealthy.

John Selvey

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