3 Ways To Prevent Bad Marketing With Good CRM Data...

Good CRM Data Preventing Bad Marketing
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Wednesday, 11:04 pm 

December 2, 2020 (Updated 2023)

Dear fellow Digipreneur & ADthusiast,

‘Tis the season to start marketing.

I know it sounds risky but, in all honesty, creating and running campaigns has never been a safer bet. 

Actually, with today’s tools like CRMs, marketing isn’t a bet any more at all! 

Yes, you read that right! The secret to great marketing is building a strong CRM database.

Strong CRM data equals effective advertising.

As a Digipreneur, you have to make every move, moment, and dollar count. 

No more taking a gamble and wasting your time and money on bad, ineffective marketing.

The strength of your campaigns depends on the strength of your customer data.

And the strength of your customer data depends on your ability to build a strong database.

The ball is in your court. It’s time to get yours! 

Here’s how…

Just apply these 3 Ways To Prevent Bad Marketing With Good CRM Data and start reaping the rewards of Improved marketing results.

#1. Pay Close Attention To The Quality of Your CRM Data...

The basic foundation of any effective marketing campaign is having access to good quality data. 

Therefore, it’s essential to get as much info on your lead as you can. 

Try using Google, LinkedIn, or other helpful business directories to find out more about them.

And always try to remember the minimum amount of info you should collect for each of your leads is their name, address, phone number, email, and title.

#2. Update Your CRM Data Regularly...

To have good quality data, it needs to be updated regularly. 

This is how you can prevent data decay and avoid gambling on ads that won’t work because your leads are outdated. 

So, even if your customer is calling to complain, and you discover they have a new phone number, take the opportunity to update that info in your CRM. It will certainly pay off

#3. Make It Easy For You To Determine Your Target...

Nothing is worse than not knowing your audience! Therefore, it’s vital that you segment your customers, so you’re able to create campaigns that actually bring back a return and save you time. 

For example, when you structure and organize your CRM data

  • It becomes super easy to determine who you want to target; so you can create ads that stick. Thus, netting you a return. 
  • And eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets and large complicated processes that take a lot of attention. Thus, saving you time. 


 Apply these 3 best practices and you no longer have to avoid bad marketing. 

Good CRM data will make your marketing campaigns more powerful, successful, and less risky. 

You’ll get the results you want, save yourself money, time, and a migraine. Really, what more could you ask for?

Well, until next time my friend, stay healthy and stay wealthy.

John Selvey

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