The Key To Longevity: Why SEO Is Essential For Surviving COVID-19 And Beyond...

seo is essential for survival
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Tuesday, 12:55 am

June 2, 2020 (Updated 2023)

Dear fellow Digipreneur & ADthusiast,

We, humans, have an incredible gift that other species on this planet don’t have: Time.

What I mean is that plants and animals instinctively move with the seasons; Whereas, we go by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. 

We have the ability to look forward to the future, look back to the past, and jump back into the present.

You see…

No other species on this planet can do that.

That’s why time is precious.

It’s unique to us and can be both a blessing and a bit of a curse.

Time is a blessing if you use it wisely, and a curse if wasted… Obviously.

But here’s what they don’t tell you…

 We are conditioned from the time we learn to tell time, to always pay attention to the exact time.

For example, every day of your life you should always have a smartphone clock or a watch with you. You should always know the hour, the minute, day of the week, the month, and the year.

I’m not saying that knowing the day of the week isn’t important; It is…

But check this out…

Which one do you think is more important? 

The hour or what you do with that hour?

Who cares about 8 o’clock… What are you going to do with that 8 o’clock hour?

Now, that’s the juicy stuff.

Or better yet, what are you going to do with the time you have now thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak? 

Are you going to cower in fear and resign yourself to fate? And just wait hoping there will be pieces left to pick up when things go back to ‘normal’?


Are you going to suit up, fight back, restrategize, and position your brand for growth so you can survive and thrive during these unprecedented times and beyond?

What you decide now will determine your future.

If you aren’t generating enough income and/or leads because of the crisis, this period is a golden opportunity to up your game. 

It’s the perfect time to make your presence felt in the market by boosting your presence online…

Contrary to conventional wisdom now’s not the time to pull back on your marketing efforts, especially your digital ones.

Believe me, I understand that you’re focused on keeping the cash you have and protecting your bottom line.

It’s tempting to want to cut back, especially as the uncertainty of COVID-19 threatens to tank the economy and drops consumer spending.

But, also believe me when I say, pausing your digital marketing now could have a very detrimental impact on your revenue 2 to 3 months down the road.

Just take a look at the most successful companies around right now…

They’re not halting their marketing plans… See what they are doing. 

They are going against the conventional wisdom of cutting marketing in troubled times because they are beginning to learn that it’s how you position your brand in those troubled times that will decide whether or not you survive the crisis.

In other words, your brand and how you position it when the world plunges into chaos is, ultimately, what will stick out most in the minds of your customers for years to come.

So take heed and start doing what these bigger businesses are doing and position your brand to lead now and sell later. 

People are experiencing a lot of problems and you, Digipreneur, are their problem solver

Give them what they need; Their true “essential”: Guidance.

Truly help them get through this pandemic by giving without expectation and providing guidance through the information you put out.

Do this and you’ll not only SURVIVE NOW but you’ll for sure THRIVE LATER.

Also, check this out…

Here’s the kicker…

While big businesses are blowing through enormous amounts of money to do this you could accomplish these same goals with way better results and a fraction of the cost using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Why SEO Is Great For Marketing Right Now...


The truth is that an SEO plan is more critical now than ever. 

Here’s why:

  • SEO will help you stand out and beat your competitors by making sure that your customers can find you online. 
  • This is crucial in a time when physical foot traffic is significantly reduced; meaning virtually all shopping is now being done virtually. 
  • In fact, Search Engine Optimization drives 22% of all website visits, making it “one of the largest traffic producers for most brands (if not the largest),” according to Merkle’s 2019 Digital Media report cited by MarketingLand
  • It’ll help position your brand to be the leader today, so you can make a quick recovery when this pandemic comes to an end.
  • Search is becoming more important as our already-growing reliance on search engines has accelerated during COVID-19. In other words, the search is here to stay and we’ll all come to depend on it more over time.

For these reasons, an SEO plan is more critical now than ever for your business.


The Different Types Of SEO Strategies...

On-Page SEO:

This type of search engine optimization focuses on “on the page” content and how to optimize that content for specific keywords to help boost your website’s ranking.

Off-Page SEO:

This type of search engine optimization focuses on the links that are directing traffic to your website from other places on the internet. The number of “backlinks,” that link to your website causes your website to rank higher as this helps make your site look more trustworthy to search engines. 


Technical SEO:

This type of search engine optimization focuses on your website’s architecture. It examines the backend of your website to see how each webpage is “technically” set up. The code of your website matters as much as the content in the eyes of Google, so bare in mind this particular strategy is quite important to your website’s search engine ranking.


How You Can Leverage SEO During COVID-19 And Beyond...

#1. Pay Attention To Timeliness

Know what your audience wants to read about right now. 

Leverage this time to come up with all sorts of content that can give them helpful insights.

However, don’t come off “salesy” or promotional. 

Instead, create content that’s a mix of business and real world events. 

Your audience needs to be able to see that you’re mindful of what’s going on and that you genuinely want to contribute.


#2. Follow Search Trends

If you’re planning to meet short-term goals, make sure you know what’s currently trending. 

For instance, many people are looking for ways to escape quarantine.

So If you run a bookstore, your SEO campaigns can bring you a real boost in qualified traffic.


#3. Prepare For The Future

Look to the long term. And don’t cut down on your SEO budget, unless you really need to. 

Do things like create new landing pages and consistently update your website, content, and server.

There’s a lot you can do now that will benefit you in the long run

#4. Seek Expert Help

This is the time to seek help from experts who will work hard to help you achieve your goals.

Reaching out to a professional SEO expert/Search Engine Optimizer from Fiverr will help get your website in front of the people that need and want your help the most.


 Don’t waste your precious gift of time. 

Keep on marketing.

Suit up, fight back, restrategize, and position your brand for growth.

Give guidance, the true “essential” through your SEO efforts and you’ll not only SURVIVE NOW but you’ll for sure THRIVE LATER well beyond this COVID-19 crisis.

Well, until next time my friend, stay healthy and stay wealthy.

John Selvey

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