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December, 10, 2019

Dear fellow Digipreneur & ADthusiast,

All the effort you’ve put in to increase website traffic on your own seemed to be paying off.

You were crushing it!

So what’s causing your unhappiness?

What happened? Why has your hard-earned traffic been decreasing recently?

Google | | Increase Traffic From Search Engines

Well, whatever the reason may be, just know that it’s not your fault.

You haven’t done anything wrong. Google is constantly changing its algorithms making harder to rank high on its search results pages.

Therefore, there’s no need to be discouraged.

You have the power to overcome this.

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No one can stop you from reaching your goals.

All you have to do is take a novel approach, sit back and watch the positive change happen.

The ball’s in your court and your web site’s ranking is definitely in your control.

So don’t worry.

The opportunity to increase your website traffic and build an unmistakable brand in 90 days or less is yours to seize.

It’s your time to shine.

Just Apply These 5 Methods


  1. Be An Expert In Your Niche
  2. Create Inbound-Backed Content 
  3. Use Social Media Organically
  4. Run Paid Advertisements
  5. Build An Email List

Method #1. Increase Website Traffic By Being An Expert In Your Niche...

Nowadays, finding good, helpful advice online is a very daunting task; which is one reason why Google is constantly updating its algorithms. They want to show the most relevant and helpful search results to their users.

Therefore, positioning yourself as the go-to-expert in your niche will rank you higher on Google and organically increase website traffic.

You’ll also establish trust with your leads and customers more quickly. Resulting in you being seen as a source for information and being sought after as a rep for your industry. Everyone will want to be associated with your brand and conduct business with you.

You’ll even be able to move buyers through your funnel faster and make your sales process smoother.

Method #2. Increase Website Traffic By Creating Inbound-Backed Content...

Now that you’ve decided to position yourself as an expert, you can make it happen immediately by creating content backed by the inbound methodology.

Undoubtedly, it’s the most effective, and practical set of digital marketing principles you have at your disposal:

On account of you being able to communicate your message, educate your audience, and effectively persuade them to buy from you and not your competitors.

That is to say, when you craft high-quality, inbound-backed content you attract the right visitors to your website. And create an interest in your business that puts it in high demand.

Method #3. Increase Website Traffic By Using Social Media Organically...

You can also create a high demand for your business and increase website traffic by using social media in an organic way.

By posting organically (without paid promotion) you get the opportunity to share your brand’s values with your customers while they share theirs with you.

Which will humanize your brand and allow you to build a community of loyal followers/customers.

As well as, inevitably boost your validity and word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Resulting in a sustainable, long-term solution that maximizes your time and provides the highest value for the least amount of money.

Method #4. Increase Website Traffic By Running Paid Advertisements...

On the other hand, you can increase your website traffic much quicker by running paid advertisements on search engines and social media platforms.

This is because paid advertising is designed to facilitate your goals and maximize your efforts no matter your budget size.

For instance, you can take advantage of the big data that’s offered and use it to gather insights that’ll allow you to generate more leads effortlessly for as low as $200 a month.

Therefore, you’re not only increasing traffic to your site by running paid ads, but you’re also increasing your ROI.

It’s worth it.

Increase ROI

Method #5. Increase Website Traffic By Building An Email List...

Lastly, you can quickly increase website traffic and predictably drive growth by building up an email list.

This method is particularly effective because your subscribers are interested in hearing from you and are much more receptive to your message.

So when you create new blog posts and offerings, sending them directly to your subscribers’ inboxes will certainly net you great results.

Not to mention:

  • You own your email list.
  • It’s very direct and personal.
  • There’s no ranking system limiting your reach.
  • All of the content and offers that you send will be considered highly relevant.

With that said, email is a powerful tool

Not only does it carry a high rate of return, but it’s also the most predictable driver of growth for your business as it helps build connection and trust.


By learning about and applying these 5 methods you just capably gained a huge advantage over your competitors;

You’re now well on your way to increasing your website traffic and building an unmistakable brand in 90 days or less.

Well, until next time my friend, stay healthy and stay wealthy.

John Selvey

Full-proof DIY internet marketing guide

Looking For A Full-Proof DIY Way To Become An Online Wealth Magnet?

Sign up now to get your free internet marketing guide and watch in amazement as your website traffic increases.

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