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November 19, 2019

Dear fellow Digipreneur & ADthusiast,

Successfully connecting with your customer is a lot like playing Chess which requires some insight.

You have to satisfy them now while also anticipating what their needs and wants will be tomorrow.

What will their next move be?

Your customer’s constantly changing behavior is forever changing how you do business.

And without truly understanding why your customer buys from you, you won’t be able to frame your offerings as effectively as you’d like to.

Connecting with them, successfully, requires a comprehension of how to appeal to them and hit the right triggers.

For this reason, here are 5 Psychology Tips That’ll Help You Sell More.

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Customer Insight #1. Emotion Is First. Logic Is Second...

According to Will Leach’s book Marketing To Mindstates, purchasing decisions are more often unconscious than conscious; which means the subconscious mind does a lot of the talking. 

This is because the conscious mind has to make a staggering amount of decisions on a daily basis in this new technologically driven, consumer-controlled world;

Thus, the majority of decision making must be done on a subconscious level.

Meaning that your customers will psychologically filter out the vast majority of advertising because of the marketing messages they are bombarded with daily.

Therefore, when you are planning a marketing campaign it can be of tremendous benefit using what Leach calls “Behavior Design”. 

Behavior Design is meant to trigger emotional mind states by creating moments in your customer’s buying journey that puts them in higher states of emotional arousal;

Making them more susceptible to influence.

So as the world becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous appealing to your customer’s heart rather than just to their mind will ultimately make your business their first choice every time.

Customer Insight #2. People Love Being Labeled, Believe It Or Not...

This may sound like bad advice but the truth is…

Human nature makes people want to belong to groups that signify “superior” or “elite” levels of status.

Especially, when there are groups below these levels.

This is why loyalty programs work so well.

A research study, conducted by marketing professors Xavier Dreze and Joseph C. Nunes, concluded that “gold customers feel much more distinctive and apt to spend more if there is another class of people — those endowed with ‘silver’ status, for instance — below them”. 

That being said, your customers love it.

Don’t be afraid to label them.

Once they feel included and special, they’ll be more inclined to listen to your messaging and take the actions you want them to take.

Customer Insight #3. Brains Crave Social Safety...

Humans are social creatures. People are constantly paying attention to and being influenced by everybody around them.

Evolutionarily speaking, the human brain has been hard-wired to function this way: Back in our hunter-gatherer days, being cast out and isolated from the tribe meant danger and death!

And as a result, we’ve all come to crave “social safety”.

So, by doing things like showing how many people follow you on social media, highlighting case studies, interacting with influential peers, and utilizing testimonials you can gain trust and new customers.

Customer Insight #4. Attention Spans Are Extremely Short...

In 2015, cited a study from Microsoft Corporation, which found that concentration is generally lost after eight seconds. However, the bigger implication here is that humans actually have shorter attention spans than Goldfish, who have an attention span of nine seconds.

Wow! Like Metallica says “Sad but true”.

Nevertheless, it’s been theorized that short attention spans are a result of the brain’s ability to adapt and change itself over time to an ever-increasingly digitized lifestyle; Kind of like an evolutionary defense mechanism against information overload.

Thus, making insight #1’s Marketing To Mindstates all the more important.

In brief, make your messaging hyper-relevant to your audience.

Show your ideal customer that you truly understand them.

Tailor your messages so they join the conversation your ideal customer is already having in their head.

Demonstrate that you understand your ideal customer’s desires, goals, motivations, problems and pain points.

Customer Insight #5. The More Something Is Seen The More It’s Liked...

Customer Insight Mere Exposure Psychology Tip

The more somebody encounters something the more familiar it becomes to them (obviously).

However, that familiarity actually makes that person like the thing they’re constantly encountering. 

For example, this could explain why a song you dislike can grow on you over time:

Although you may subconsciously dislike a certain song, the more you’re exposed to it and the more familiar it becomes, the more that song becomes consciously acceptable to you. 

It’s your brain’s way of keeping you safe, so if you encounter something negative or unpleasant you immediately get a signal to avoid it.

This is known as the Mere Exposure Effect and is how most advertising is done.

Since people are blitzed daily with thousands of stimuli and choices to make, they do their best to filter out most of the noise, in order to stay safe.

Therefore, when they see your product, service or brand being advertised for the first time it’s not likely to have a huge effect on the way they think about your product, service or brand. 

However, their thinking about your product, service or brand will improve the more they see it advertised; Because they’ll begin to feel safe and start to trust what you’re showing them.

So just by simply showing up and being visible where your ideal customers are, you can leverage this effect and start to bond and build trust with them over time…

Even if you’re not doing anything else right in your marketing efforts.


Just by understanding a little bit of why your customers buy from you, you’ve already helped your business become more successful in the marketplace.

These insights will help you to know how the decision to buy was made and how your customers search for your product or service. 

They’ll also help you understand the reasons behind your customer’s purchase or rejection of your product or service. 

This way you can frame your offerings effectively, connect with your customers successfully and boost your conversion rate by getting them to buy more from you more often.

Well, until next time my friend stay healthy and stay wealthy.

John Selvey

Full-proof DIY internet marketing guide

Looking For A Full-Proof DIY Way To Become An Online Wealth Magnet?

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